Elizabeth has been passionately active in the recovery and personal development field for over 38 years. She specializes as an addiction counselor and recovery coach. She has always been naturally curious and observant.


Having been challenged in her own life, Elizabeth was called to a larger understanding of the value of handling life transitions, life changing circumstances and embracing new beginnings. All of her personal and professional experiences have created the bedrock on which she stands for her work as a professional recovery coach.


  • Gain clarity and focus on whats important to them
  • Eliminate fear, doubt and worry
  • Overcome addiction
  • Heal codependency issues
  • Feeling stuck and lost in their lives
  • Strengthening their boundaries
  • Releasing their shame
  • Redefining their 2nd stage of life (after retirement)
  • Learning and developing tools for powerful communication
  • Uncovering resistance to change obstacles
  • Navigating and re-framing stress
  • Looking to anchor, ground, integrate and become real in their “I am”

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Elizabeth is ICF Credentialed, Credentialed CPRC Certification, serves on the board of Recovery Coaches International, and co-founded Recover Full-Life Coaching. She has been trained in Lifespring Leadership.