Explore and Celebrate
Your Beginnings, Middles and Endings

A Women’s Retreat

Are you ready to forever expand what you believe is possible in your life and discover the story-telling of the mind and the body using experiential exercises and Dancing Mindfulness?

Join us in Gerton, NC, outside Asheville ~ November 9 – 11, 2018.

Breathe. I’ve got your back!

Imagine walking the forest and stream-side trails, immersing yourself in the healing beauty of this magical place, Hickory Nut Forest near Asheville, North Carolina, attuning our senses to compasion toward self. Together we will explore and dive into our Beginings, Middles and Endings in the sanctuary that activates life.

Come embrace and practice speaking with integrity, communicating without assumptions, not taking what others say personally and doing our best, moment to moment.

Identify powerful tools to awaken the mind-body connection.  Stay and unravel your beliefs. Learn how to access your voice, wisdom and experience inner peace in our sacred circle of women.

I’m offering my guidance directly from heart to heart, holding a deep sacred space in which patterns can surface. Resting in the beauty of nature, track back to your heart while increasing your understanding through movement, presence, rooting (connection to the earth), to re-engage with your life effectively. Recharge and revitalize, knowing how to calm your mind, body and spirit while opening your heart.

You will experience increased confidence through discovery using purposeful release inquiry to effectively change your course and direction. Welcome better understanding of your needs that lie beneath your patterns. You will secure guidance, clarity and action steps to align with your soul’s true nature.

Come with an Open Mind and leave with an Open Heart.

Are you Ready…

  • To experience transformation and break down your barriers to clarity?
  • To release limiting beliefs?
  • To carve out time for yourself bringing new awareness and elevating my love, clarity and joy? This is my key moment to be present.
  • To experience honor and a sense of purpose?
  • To get down-to-earth in self-discovery and limiting beliefs that hold you in pain?
  • To seek healing, by listening, opening and allowing movement in your mindfulness practice?

Does recharging yourself and reframing your beliefs sounds good?  Be prepared to feel different and immerse yourself in nature to listen deeply and hear your inner voice. Invite and welcome this stillness for a rich exploration allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you. This space, infused in the purpose to listen as you walk far from the noise of everyday life, is created to serve our powerful purpose.

During our walks in the sweet forest air, I’ll be guiding you in a simple but powerful release technique that will leave you feeling connected to yourself, others and the earth with depth and strength you may never have felt before. I’ll also show you how to call on this same technique to ground yourself at home, even in times of stress, so you always feel you have a solid anchor.

Embrace your inner wise woman, gain tools to access your higher self and support your healing with intimate sharing held in a safe shared space for inner work.

Well, this is your chance! From our soothing venue to our delectable cuisine and transformative fun we have planned for you, this entire retreat was designed to be your turn.

Not only will you feel the safety and support of other compassionate, like-minded women, but you’ll also have one-on-one time with me; someone who has been through the dark tunnel, someone who can take you by the hand and show you the way out and the bright light you are.

I know this is the opportunity to explore my edge and deepen my practice of building confidence. I’m ready to be heard, appreciated and honored.  I’m ready to rewrite my Beginnings, Middles and Endings!

I’m ready to have a new relationship with my thoughts and soften old scars.

Why you should join us?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to feel so overwhelmed and separated, especially when emotional challenges or memories come up? We’re all beginners, in every moment, discovery is available and on our retreat we will celebrate this fact.

Learn to manage your energy and emotions.  By the end of your retreat you will feel much more confident, empowered by new-found knowledge of how to embrace your feelings and thoughts, and come to a deeper appreciation and acceptance of who you really are. Cultivate emotional courage by focusing on techniques that inspire you to gain forward momentum.

You will understand your cues (triggers) and discover how and what supports your core needs.  Learn to re-write, re-wire, and clear patterns for an open path to your vision.

You will examine compulsive thinking along with other empowered women and move towards living wisdom. You might be surprised as you feel your transformation, the journey from your head to your heart.

Do you wish to be around women you “get you”?  Are you yearning to connect with others away from your computer and iPhone?  This is YOUR opportunity.

Dancing Mindfulness

Your body tells you what is going on ten steps before your head can even make sense of it.  Learning to recognize trauma triggers or cravings at the body level and responding in a healthy way is paramount to wellness.

Dancing Mindfulness will help you bring body, mind, and soul into a harmonious existence, allowing connection to emotions instead of the distracting business.

Immerse and expand your range to feel inspired, uplifted, calm, centered and be available to listen to your inner voice through movement.

I’m ready to forego and leave behind what has exhausted, divided and fragmented me,
and have practical skills to help you hold true to my deepest intentions.

The Venue

Your home in the mountains… Laughing Waters is a sanctuary for peaceful connection to Mother Earth, connection to the parts of you left behind, the pieces looking for re-connection. The buildings and grounds are magical. Laughing Waters’ atmosphere encourages collaboration, creativity, inspiration and renewal of vibrant health.  It is known to be a refuge and safe haven from the stresses of our modern world

Laughing Waters’ natural surroundings offer a safe and supportive space to settle in for exploration and authentic conversation. Deep passage into one’s self happens here.

Laughing Waters sits in an exquisite 900 protected acres on the banks of boulder-strewn Hickory Nut Creek.  Miles of trails follow the stream to beauiful waterfalls and rocky cliffs.

The Cuisine

We are honored to have 67 Biltmore providing fresh, seasonally inspired and approachable meals. They work with local farmers and they’re dedicated to providing great food the old- fashioned way: by hand, with love and without chemicals.

67 Biltmore’s food is described as Beautious, Yummy and Healthy, leaving all satisfied.

67 Biltmore’s inspired meals provide energy to nurture and bless your body and soul. Savor and delight in delicious home-spun meals, resting assured that all dishes are natural and organic.

I Want to Return Home Feeling Alive & Less Stressed!


You will take home knowing how to create enough space between your triggers and reactions to create another choice.

Imagine leaving behind the daily intrusiveness and lean softly into the quiet calm to hear what your heart is saying. Lasting change awaits you as you practice releasing and reframing old beliefs.

You will have new tools to assist you when you are feeling the grasp of the past, but know you want to let go and live fully in the moment.

By the end of this retreat through a combination of grounding work, focused and soothing walks, and your one-on-one with Elizabeth you will have learned to love and accept yourself more deeply. You will return home with a deeper appreciation for who you are and how to keep your rhythms fluid in your daily life.

You will return home from this retreat ready to live more fully from your heart. You will learn how to question your thoughts and who you are without them. These thoughts that keep you away from loving others and yourself. This powerful process of inquiry offers teaching to identify the judgements that cause you pain, frustration, anger and stress.

Imaging coming home with renewed energy for life and feeling so creative and positive that you made the changes you have been putting off.

Leave with an increased knowledge and ongoing practices (actions) to hold true to your deepest intentions with kindness and acceptance.

You will return home feeling alive and less stressed through the experience of quiet and connection to find what brings you pleasure and joy.

I’m In! I Want to Go on This Retreat!

Your Pathfinder

Elizabeth’s true journey has been about listening to her heart and others by quieting the mind. Her connection to nature allows the silence and stillness for insight and deep reflection. Trained as an addiction counselor and recovery coach she left working in the field to create a new pathway for others that had wandered away from themselves and desired the journey home to their heart space. She has developed the empathetic abilities necessary to fulfill her true calling walking aside others to their whole and complete self.

Elizabeth manifests professionalism, stability, curiosity, creativeness, humility, acceptance, trust, stillness, attention, intention, self-discipline, reliability, courage, patience and compassion.  She is a live-long learner, able to hold space for herself and others.

What lights up her heart is kindness for all living forms, whether it is a stray cat, a hawk soaring overhead or a turtle crossing the road (yes, she will hold lanes of traffic up until it is safe). Having grown up tumultuously as a child of parents in 60s music business, she has proudly maintained her sobriety for over three decades. She is trained as an Addiction Counselor, Life Spring Trainer, ICF ACC and CPRC, and Recovery Life Coach.

Gerton, NC looks beautiful!

What’s Included?

  • Morning guided clearing meditation.
  • Daily walking for grounding and fire circle time to inspire you and your purpose.
  • Access and use of the majestic Laughing Waters grounds. There is ample space for you to embark on your own and step into additional seclusion.
  • Three peaceful days double/single occupancy.
  • Friday arrival welcome lunch, two additional breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and snacks.
  • A private one-on-one coaching session with Elizabeth at the retreat sanctuary or out in nature.
  • Weather permitting, dancing in the rain!

What’s Not Included?

  • Transportation to Laughing Waters in Gerton, NC
  • Travel, medical or personal insurance.

Recommended items to bring with you:

  • Suitable walking shoes / boots and/or sandals
  • Flashlight
  • Raincoat / poncho

Stuff to leave home:

  • Worries and stress
  • Husbands, partners, kids, etc.
  • Job, work, etc.

Flight Information

Laughing Waters is located in Gerton, NC and readily accessible through Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Asheville Regional Airport, and Greenville-Spartenburg International Airport.

I’m Ready to Leave Deep Footprints on my Own Heart!

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